Scientology And Me

May 11, 2007

Ha! BBC Panorama and Scientology? Doesn’t fit.

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Turns out I was not that far off thinking those guys are “morons”. Even the BBC reporters think that about their own breed.

Journalist morons

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Journalists are a strange breed. We knew that. When I was in school and doing theatre – some decades ago – once gave an interview to a journalist about our upcoming program. That guy was a total moron. I mean, the type of guy you talk to and think that he is interested and all. And later you see that he could not possibly have listened what you said. Or have been on drugs or something. I felt reminded of this jerk when I read Damian Thompson’s Telegraph blog the other day where he writes about BBC Panorama reporter John Sweeney. Turns out that this Sweeney is an interesting character. Watch for yourself:

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