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June 24, 2008

Scientology Volunteer Ministers – who are these people?

Scientology Volunteer Ministers are active everywhere in the world. They number about 100, 000 and are trained in a large variety of tools to help people (most of them covered in the Scientology Handbook.

I have done this training five years ago and use a lot of it in the course of a month, for myself and people I see in need of help. But I never went to disaster areas. Many Volunteer Ministers have set up their life to be ready if disaster hits. Some take only a few hours to turn over their work, arrange unpaid vacation, someone to water the flowers and feed the dog , and off they go in unknown areas all over the world, from Java to Louisiana in the US, from Kenya to India.

Aside from this loose Emergency Response group there are about a dozen or so Volunteer Minister tours going on, organized and manned with Scientologists who take off from work and join in the “Largest independent relief force on earth” with all their heart and soul.

If you want to see what the “VMs” – as they call themselves – are doing, check out their website.

Or visit the site of a photographer and member of the VMs who traveled 12,000 miles through South-East Asia with the VM disaster response group and later published his works in a free photo book and websites at .

More references:

News releases about the VMs are scarce but somehow I understand that they like to spend their time helping people and not writing articles. However I found some on the Scientology Today website.

23 June 2008: Kenya Scientology Mission Provides Seminar to Nairobi School

It started with an an email to the Scientology Volunteer Ministers web site from one of the teachers at the Zelyn Academy in Kibera, Kenya. Kiberia is the Nairobi neighborhood where her school is located. It is also home to more than half a million people who live in abject poverty in a district smaller than New York’s Central Park. The teacher, Elisha Ooga, wrote in to inquire about the free online course the Volunteer Ministers offer. But on learning of the school and the selfless work of these educators, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers contacted the director of the Church of Scientology Mission of Nairobi to get help in providing training not just to the teachers but to the children of the school as well.

“The first thing I did with the children was a Locational Processing Assist:

L. Ron Hubbard developed numerous applications of his discoveries for the mental and spiritual aspects of a person’s physical difficulties. And as more and more techniques evolved, a new body of technology came into use, called ‘Assists.’”

“One of the easiest assists to render is Locational Processing. A Locational is done by directing a person’s attention off the painful area of his body or his difficulties and out onto the environment.”

“Then, using a mixture of English, Swahili and the local language so everyone could understand, I taught them about study tech—technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard based on research into what prevents a person from being able to learn any subject. The teachers were very enthusiastic about what they learned.”

23 June 2008: Scientology Volunteer Ministers South East Asia Goodwill Tour in the City of Cebu in the Philippines

The Police Regional Office in Central Visayas in Cebu in the Philippines teamed up with the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Southeast Asian Goodwill Tour last month to launch a program to help the residents of the island cope with the problems they face in life and deal with disaster.

19 June 2008: Scientology Volunteers Use Study Tech to Help Homeless Children in Kolkata, India

24 June 2008: ZAMBIA TIMES article, “Zambia: Scientology Ministers Offer Olive Branch”

“DO not always feel low or negative about yourself just because you are going through a certain situation. Remember, something can be done about it,” says the scientology volunteer ministers currently conducting training and various workshops in Zambia.

Church of Scientology co-sponsors drug-prevention conference

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A conference held in Los Angeles empowered 80 drug-free youth as Drug-Free Mentors. Coming from around California, Washington State, Missouri, New Mexico, Virginia and Florida, the 14 to 25 year olds were nominated locally as persons of good character who want to help others be drug-free.

The youths spent a full day learning about the effects of drugs, how to deal with drug-related social problems they encounter and participated in a lively panel discussion with three veteran law enforcement officers. The Foundation for a Drug Free World provided plenty of drug education booklets and posters for immediate use to everyone and Foundation Ambassador and TV actor, Jason Dohring, led the group in taking the Mentor Pledge. The 26-year old actor said that drug education helped him decide at an early age to stay away from drugs and also positively influence his friends. “Today education about drugs is something everybody needs,” he said.

A 17-year veteran Los Angeles Juvenile Narcotics Detective who was part of the discussion panel helped answer questions on everything from law enforcement duties, to the dangers of drugs and how they change body chemistry. As to why kids get involved in drugs in the first place, he said the reasons vary but that youth who have developed self confidence are able to stand up to peer pressure and make proper decisions. “That’s really important,” he said.

Conference organizer and Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life Coordinator for the Church of Scientology International, Wendy Beccaccini said safer communities is the objective of the Mentors conference. “Drugs are a serious community problem youth see and deal with daily,” said Beccaccini. “Our youth need help and nothing talks like experience and mutual respect. They all learned a lot about issues that matter to them and you can bet they’re telling their friends all about it.”

June 18, 2008

New Dianetics Book Site Launched By The Church of Scientology

The new Dianetics Online Book Site at provides a rich media driven information and online video based overview of L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics, the self improvement book and New York Times bestseller, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 17, 2008 — In celebration of the 58th anniversary of the release of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, the Church of Scientology has now launched a new and interactive portal at for access to testimonials, videos, excerpts, home extension courses, and all information regarding Dianetics. The launch is also supported by a national television advertising campaign. By doing so, the Church of Scientology is able to provide expansive and enlightening information to those who have questions about Dianetics.

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