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September 28, 2008

Scientology member fights against drugs

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The Foundation for a Drug-Free World is a secular, non-profit organization that empowers youth and adults with the facts about drugs so they can make an informed decision to say no to drugs. Scientology Today interviewed Ms. Fialkoff about how she became involved in this activity.

Scientology Today: Ms. Fialkoff, you volunteer as the coordinator of the New York Foundation for a Drug-Free World to help kids avoid drug abuse and addiction. That seems like a lot of work. Why did you take this on?

There are many areas of society that need to be changed and improved. There are problems and people are unhappy with conditions but they often just complain and don’t do something positive to change the things that are bothering them. I decided to start changing things where I live — in New York City.

Since discovering Scientology, I realized that there is a human spirit and I realized how wonderful, important, and powerful people are. That’s when I really knew how damaging drugs are. I wanted to teach kids the truth about drugs so they can avoid the consequences of using them.

Scientology Today: Why did you decide to take on being coordinator for the Foundation for a Drug Free World in New York?

When you know there are things going on in the world which are heading in a bad direction, and you know you have the exact tools to handle those situations, help people, and save lives, if you then don’t do anything about it you are the one who has to live with that.

Scientology Today: Do you have any advice for kids who are trying to make their minds up about drugs?

Yes. If you are considering taking drugs, this is my advice: you are you, you have a personality, you have a future, and you are a very important person. When you do drugs, you are dimming yourself, your goals, your spirit. You are making yourself less intelligent, less able, less alert, less able to function in life. Instead, find out what you enjoy and do more of it. Find what makes you feel good about yourself, what makes you have energy, and just do more of that. If you find yourself surrounded by many people who are on drugs, get involved in some activity that keeps you out of that group. Try exercise, a sports team, getting involved in an internship, working on your career, or even just going out to eat, to the movies, or dancing. None of these things have to involve drugs and do not involve destroying yourself as a person. Drugs do.

Scientology Today: Anything else you would like to share?

The Drug-Free Marshals is part of the Foundation’s drug prevention program for younger children. And it is so effective. Kids love it. When they really decide to be drug free and take the Drug-Free Marshals pledge and get a Marshal’s badge, they have made a decision that is going to affect every aspect of their lives. It is very easy to run a Drug-Free Marshals group. I would like to see it become a fad to open a chapter of the Drug-Free Marshals in every neighborhood on Earth. I am willing to anything I can to help people get chapters started and going. Anyone can email me and I’ll be happy to help.

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