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October 20, 2008

Document of the Day: L. Ron Hubbard, Writer in “The Pilot”, 1934

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More about L. Ron Hubbard on his website.

October 19, 2008

Document of the Day: L. Ron Hubbard, Script Writer for “Secret of Treasure Island”, 1938

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More about L. Ron Hubbard on his website.

October 18, 2008

Document of the Day: L. Ron Hubbard wins Woodward Oratory Contest, 1930

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More about L. Ron Hubbard on his website.

Anonymous Documentary

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Anonymous is a group of online criminals, some naive enough to think that crashing other people’s computers is not illegal (it is a Federal offense) or that “doxing” is something higher than a violation of constitutional rights. The intelligence of their members varies but most of them are arrogant and blind to human values.

Today one of them got caught, I think:

October 17, 2008


LOS ANGELES – A New Jersey man was charged today for his role in an attack on Church of Scientology websites in January 2008 that rendered the websites unavailable.

Dmitriy Guzner, 18, of Verona, New Jersey, has agreed to plead guilty to computer hacking for his role in the distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack against the Scientology websites. A DDOS attack occurs where a large amount of malicious Internet traffic is directed at a website or a set of websites. The target websites are unable to handle the high volume of Internet traffic and therefore become unavailable to legitimate users trying to reach the sites.

According to the criminal information filed in United States District Court in Los Angeles, Guzner participated in the attack because he considered himself a member of an underground group called “Anonymous.”  “Anonymous” has led protests against the Church of Scientology at various locations across the country, and in January 2008 posted a video on YouTube which announced a new offensive against Scientology.

Once he pleads guilty, which is expected to take place in the coming weeks in federal court in New Jersey, Guzner faces up to 10 years in federal prison.

This case was investigated by the United States Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force in Los Angeles. The agencies involved in the investigation were the United States Secret Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office Bureau of Investigation.


Release No. 08-140

October 17, 2008

Document of the Day: L. Ron Hubbard, Master Mariner (Licence 12005, any ocean), 1941

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More about L. Ron Hubbard on his website.

October 16, 2008

Document of the Day: L. Ron Hubbard, Master Mariner (Licence 160111, Pacific ocean), 1940

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More about L. Ron Hubbard on his website.

October 15, 2008

Document of the Day: L. Ron Hubbard’s Boyscout Calendar 1924 (age 13)

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More about L. Ron Hubbard on his website.

October 14, 2008

Document of the Day: L. Ron Hubbard recognized as Blackfoot blood brother

More about L. Ron Hubbard on his website.

October 8, 2008

Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Indonesia

With a population of 222 million, Indonesia is the fourth most populated country in the world. And if there were a competition for the most dangerous place to live, when it comes to natural disasters it would rank right up there at the top of the list.

The December 2004 tsunami brought this fact home to the world. Anyone with a TV set or access to the Internet was engulfed by the images of the devastation: more than 170,000 dead in a matter of minutes; millions displaced from their homes; loss in property or possessions incalculable; an entire population affected by the loss.

Within days of the disaster, hundreds of Scientology volunteers arrived in Medan, the capital of the province of North Sumatra. Led by an experienced team of Australian Scientology Volunteer Ministers, several hundred Scientologists from around the world formed into the Scientology Disaster Relief Team. First order of business—help the rescue workers, identify the bodies, deliver water, food and blankets to those who survived.

With the most urgent and life-threatening needs attended to, the Scientology volunteers began concentrating on the service based on Scientology principles. These techniques have become the hallmark of the program—they helped those affected by the disaster recover from the effect of injury, trauma and loss, using techniques, developed by L. Ron Hubbard, called Scientology assists. They also trained doctors, nurses, Muslim clerics and family members, using the Scientology Handbook. They in turn brought help to survivors, and so touched the lives of hundreds of thousands in desperate need to help.

When The Scientology Volunteer Ministers packed up and returned home, they left behind a team of local volunteers whom they trained and formed up into the Scientology Assist Team of Medan, Indonesia.

So it was that in May 2006, when Yogyakarta was struck by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake, members of the the Medan Scientology Assist Team were already on hand when Scientologists from Australia, the United States and Europe flew in to help. The team provided urgently needed help in hospitals that were so overcrowded that parking structures had been turned into makeshift wards to care for those injured by the disaster.

And again in July 2006 when Java was shaken by a magnitude 7.7 quake, once again the Scientologists trained thousands of Indonesians to deliver Scientology assists.

By the end of August 2006 the Scientology volunteers trained more than 10,000 Indonesians who in turn have helped hundreds of thousands more.

The legacy of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers continues to this day, with active members of the Scientology Disaster Relief Team on call throughout the country to help in times of need.

For more information about Scientology, visit the Scientology Video Channel or the online version of the book What is Scientology?

October 1, 2008

Scientology Churches Back Police Initiative with Drug-Education Activities

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Members of the Church of Scientology of Sydney came out in force at Hunter’s Hill’s Moocooboola Festival last Sunday to support Missing Persons Week—a public information campaign of the Australia Federal Police (AFP) to counter this social problem that tears families apart and often ends in tragedy. Out of an estimated 35,000 people who are reported missing each year in Australia, approximately 20,000 are under the age of 18.

“There are various issues associated with young people going missing,” states the AFP web site, which goes on to explain that drug and alcohol abuse is one of the main contributing factors.

Scientologists, who support this campaign, took heed of this year’s AFP motto: “When communication goes missing, so does our youth. Don’t close the door to communication.”

“This motto really tells it like it is,” said Cyrus Brooks, youth coordinator of the Drug-Free Ambassadors of Australia, a secular, non-profit organization that reaches kids with the truth about drugs before they experiment or start to abuse. “And this motto is certainly true when it comes to drug abuse. Talking to your kids and giving them the truth about drugs reduces the likelihood that they will become users.”

The Drug-Free Ambassadors Sydney chapter handed out copies of drug education booklets about the 10 most commonly abused drugs, and signed up over 200 people to be Drug-Free Ambassadors at the Moocooboola Festival.

Like their sister group, the Drug-Free Marshals in the United States, the Drug-Free Ambassadors was founded in 1993 and has been active in drug education for the past 15 years.

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