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May 21, 2007

Scientology: L. Ron Hubbard talks about the Goal of Scientology

If you thought YouTube has only trash and occasionally some very interesting revelations on (former?) intelligence outfits in the UK (i.e. the BBC), you should look again:

I found this great piece today, a taped lecture by Scientology-founder L. Ron Hubbard on the goal of Scientology – greater freedom for the individual.

May 18, 2007

BBC Panorama Exposed

This is the opening sequence of the Church of Scientology documentary about the making of the BBC Panorama show. Neither the BBC documentary by John Sweeney nor the one done by the Church of Scientology to expose the tactics used by the BBC to create their Scientology and Me show tell you what Scientology is.

I have never really found any media that gives a good explanation. A good place to start is by reading a book. I recommend the book The Problems Of Work. Or if you want to see an explanation from L. Ron Hubbard about how he came to research and formulate Scientology, you can see the video, An Introduction To Scientology.

Or you can read this FAQ on Scientology.

May 14, 2007

Sweeney: Never ending story of bigotry and failed communications

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Reading the newspaper today you could get the idea we are talking about “War of the Worlds” when referring to the dissonant exchange of opinions between the Church of Scientology and the BBC. John Sweeney has now been found screaming again, this time at Johna Travolta’s Wildhogs premiere in London. Another attempt to solicit some angry footage, I guess. I bet “JT” did not even notice him. His security guard did however, thinking of Sweeney as a “deranged person” screaming “obscenities”. It’s about time the BBC does something about Sweeney.

May 13, 2007

The show must go on: BBC “Scientology and me” reporter apologizes

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Hard to believe, Mr. Sweeney!

May 11, 2007

Ha! BBC Panorama and Scientology? Doesn’t fit.

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Turns out I was not that far off thinking those guys are “morons”. Even the BBC reporters think that about their own breed.

Journalist morons

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Journalists are a strange breed. We knew that. When I was in school and doing theatre – some decades ago – once gave an interview to a journalist about our upcoming program. That guy was a total moron. I mean, the type of guy you talk to and think that he is interested and all. And later you see that he could not possibly have listened what you said. Or have been on drugs or something. I felt reminded of this jerk when I read Damian Thompson’s Telegraph blog the other day where he writes about BBC Panorama reporter John Sweeney. Turns out that this Sweeney is an interesting character. Watch for yourself:

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