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November 20, 2009

The “Swimming” Church of Scientology, M/V Freewinds Featured in Maritime Reporter and Engineering News

A milestone Scientology project is featured in the October 2009 edition of Maritime Reporter and Engineering News—the complete refit and restoration of the Scientology Motor Vessel Freewinds.  In writing the feature story, editor Gregory Trauthwein found the project so significant he dedicated his editorial to the ship as well, describing the passion surrounding this project and ship as “immeasurable.” “There literally was not a single detail spared in the complete rejuvenation of M/V Freewinds,” he wrote.

The  Freewinds is home of the Church of Scientology Flag Ship Service Organization (FSSO), a religious retreat that delivers the most advanced level of spiritual counseling in the Scientology religion.

In addition to the impact of these renovations on the thousands of Scientologists who visit the ship each year, the sheer scope and attention to detail has set an entirely new standard for the cruise ship industry.

“The level of quality is incredible,” said Jon Rusten, COO and VP Development, Ocean Development Group, which oversaw the project. “Nobody can afford this level of quality anymore.”

Describing the project as “A magnificent ship renovation via elbow grease, heart and soul,” Mr. Trauthwein begins his article by stating:  “In today’s ‘I need it yesterday’ world, emphasis on quantity often overpowers quality, while the quick fix can supersede the correct one.  Step back, take a deep breath and enjoy the fruits of a tremendous labor, a labor of love.”

For the past 20 years the Freewinds has provided a distraction-free environment for ministration of the highest levels of Scientology religious counseling, far from the crossroads of the workaday world.  The completion of these historic renovations extends its continued service in this capacity far into the future.

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