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July 23, 2012

Church of Scientology Backs UN Drug Demand Reduction Strategy

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Active in drug education and prevention throughout the year, Scientologists around the world participated in United Nations Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

According to this year’s United Nations World Drug Report, drug-abuse kills some 200,000 each year and creates a “heavy financial burden” internationally. In a concerted effort to counter this epidemic, in the weeks leading up to the UN Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking June 26 through the first week of July, Scientology Churches, Missions and groups around the world, working with like-minded individuals and groups, organize, sponsor and contribute to drug awareness activities to prevent drug abuse before it begins.

The International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking was created by the UN General Assembly in December 1987 to encourage all sectors of society to work together to tackle drug abuse and addiction. Scientologists commemorated the day by organizing and sponsoring conferences, lectures and symposia, participating in cross-country running and cycling races, meeting with elected officials and manning drug education booths and kiosks.

In Tokyo, the Church helped organize a drug education symposium where legislators networked with representatives of civil society and journalists, sharing information on effective drug prevention strategies.

Sydney Scientologists set up drug information booths on busy streets, where visitors watched the Truth About Drugs documentary, Real People—Real Stories, and took home copies of The Truth About Drugs seriesof drug education booklets to share with friends and families.

Russian Scientologists ran hundreds of miles in a two-week anti-drug “marathon” from Nizhny Novgorod to Kaluga, on to Ivanovo, Yaroslavl and Orel and ending in Moscow. Along the way they lectured in schools and colleges and distributed thousands of copies of the Truth About Drugs series of drug education booklets. Moscow Scientologists also distributed copies of drug education booklets and fliers in street events on June 26, the same day that St. Petersburg Scientologists participated in a local anti-drug bicycle race.

Danish Scientologists ran in an anti-drug marathon and distributed drug education booklets in Gammeltorv (Old Market), the oldest square in Copenhagen.

French Scientologists, cycling from Paris to Brussels, were met by Belgian Scientologists at the border. Together, they rode on to Brussels, meeting with mayors and aldermen along the way to provide them factual data on the importance of drug education in reducing abuse. Meanwhile, the Dutch “Say No to Drugs” marathon team took off from Amsterdam and, arriving in Brussels, joined the cyclists in an anti-drug bicycle tour through the center of the city, ending on the UN Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking at the headquarters of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions which hosted their anti-drug conference.

On June 12, Czech Scientologists began two weeks of running and cycling through the country for the 10th annual anti-drug “Cyclorun.” They educated youth on the truth about drugs in every town and city on their route.

Scientologists in Milan, Italy, held a “Say No to Drugs” soccer championship, and Scientologists from Padua carried out a bicycle tour through Cadoneghe, Noventa Padovana, Arquà Petrarca, Abano Terme, Montegrotto Terme and Battaglia Terme.

In New York, the Church of Scientology hosted the fifth annual Drug-Free Heroes Awards Ceremony.

In preparation for June 26, at a conference in Tennessee, Scientologists made drug education materials available to judges, court administrators, law enforcement officers, social workers, and treatment providers who deal with the backwash of drug abuse in state adult felony drug courts, DUI courts and juvenile drug courts.

As part of the International Faith-Based Coalition, the Church of Scientology of Sacramento helped bring the drug-free message to Oak Park, California, a community notorious for drug trafficking. At their press conference, religious leaders declared June 26 an “Oak Park drug-free day.”

In researching the destructive effects of drugs, Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard wrote, “The planet has hit a barrier which prevents any widespread social progress—drugs and other biochemical substances. These can put people into a condition which not only prohibits and destroys physical health but which can prevent any stable advancement in mental or spiritual well-being.”

Scientologists live drug-free lives and work throughout the year to prevent drug abuse and addiction. Since last year’s UN Day against Drugs and Illicit Trafficking, Scientologists have distributed some 3.4 million copies of drug education booklets and organized, sponsored and participated in more than 3,000 drug prevention activities in their communities.

To learn more about the drug prevention initiative sponsored by the Church of Scientology or to participate, visit the Scientology website .


The Church of Scientology sponsors the world’s largest nongovernmental drug education and prevention campaign. It has been conclusively proven that when young people are provided with the truth about drugs—factual information on what drugs are and what they do—usage rates drop commensurately.

Church of Scientology Community Center Hosts Classical Concert

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The Church of Scientology Community Center of South Los Angeles hosted a special performance June 24, the fifth annual concert of “Love-in-Music ,” a nonprofit organization that introduces underserved children of the Los Angeles area to the joys of classical music.


The concert, held in the Community Center’s L. Ron Hubbard Auditorium, featured Love-in-Music’s talented young music students and special performances by soprano Kyung Chy, baritone Y.D. Kwon and the Park Trio—Yoon-Jae Park (violin), his wife Soo-Jung (cello), and brother Andrew (piano), with music arranged by Dr. Hyun Jung Hwang, faculty member of New California Conservatory and Institute of Art, Music and Science.

The Church of Scientology Community Center makes its auditorium, seminar rooms and conference rooms, at 8039 South Vermont Avenue in South Los Angeles, available to community groups, churches and public officials, providing a place where community events, programs and activities can take place.

Love-in-Music is a nonprofit organization established by a group of Korean volunteers in the wake of the 1992 riots. The group seeks to bridge cultural and ethnic boundaries through music. Through donations of musical instruments and encouraging local musicians to volunteer as music teachers, Love-in-Music reaches out to needy children, providing them music training that would not otherwise be available.

Captain Dennis Kato, Commanding Officer of the 77th Street Community Police Station, introduced Love-in-Music to the Scientology Community Center. The Community Center was proud to host the concert and looks forward to continued partnership this fall by making their facilities available to youth ages 8-12 for free Love-in-Music music lessons.

June 13, 2011

Dianetics Movie Receives Indie Fest Award of Excellence

Indie Fest recognizes Golden Era Productions’ four-and-a-half hour documentary, How to Use Dianetics, for exceptional achievement in craft and creativity in the category of educational and instructional films.

How to Use Dianetics was honored Wednesday, June 1, with an Indie Fest Award of Excellence for educational and instructional films. The film is a four-and-a-half hour book on film of L. Ron Hubbard’s seminal work, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, the all-time best-selling book on the human mind.

Produced by Golden Era productions, central dissemination center of the Scientology religion, How to Use Dianetics contains more than 10,000 computer-generated special effects graphics.

“The film is a tour de force, graphically illustrating every component of Dianetics. It enables the viewer to see each of the concepts presented in the book,” says Catherine Fraser, Director of Public Affairs for Golden Era Productions. “The step-by-step presentation makes it possible to master every Dianetics principle, one at a time. The film has already been translated into 16 languages, and we ultimately plan to expand this to more than 70 languages in all. Great care was taken to stay true to the book and bring the bestseller to life, making it as realistic as possible, even down to filming a real black panther to illustrate one of the key concepts in the book.”

Judged by highly qualified film industry professionals, the Indie Fest recognizes filmmakers who produce fresh, standout entertainment, animation and compelling documentaries.

“The Indie Fest is an independent, top-tier international film awards competition,” says Thomas Baker, PhD, competition chairperson. “The Indie is not an easy award to win. Entries are received from around the world. The Indie helps set the standard for craft and creativity.”

Golden Era Productions has earned 56 national and international awards for their films, documentaries, public service announcements and websites. For more information about Golden Era Productions and the How to Use Dianetics DVD, visit

October 4, 2010

Meet a Scientologist: Sylvia, Café Owner

September 18, 2010

Meet a Scientologist: Nii, Teacher

September 15, 2010

Meet A Scientologist: Jule, Sculptor

September 14, 2010

Meet a Scientologist: Mei-Hui, Domestic Agriculture Instructor Meet a Scientologist: Mei-Hui, a domestic instructor for Taiwan’s Agricultural Association.

September 10, 2010

Is it possible to live stress-free as a dancer?

I just browsed through the Scientology Video Channel and found the answer to a long time question I had that I couldn’t resolve, can it be possible to live stress free as a Dancer?

I thought there was no way that I could complete my career as a dancer. I started ballet when I was young but didn’t make it. I thought I was working hard and had the technique. However, no success. I envied those who made and wondered what was different. Discipline? No, I had this. Technique? No, I consider I had a good teacher. Creative? No, I consider myself very creative. So what was it? Why did I not make it? Those who are serious dancers in all genre, know what I am talking about. There was stress! But how do I deal with this.

Well the video above I watched on the Scientology Video Channel, was of a young dancer – Sophii, from Sussex, England. She started when she was three and now is 19 years and is stress free. I was impressed to listen what she had to say. She definitely found the solution. Had I known this before, I am sure I would have succeeded as she has!

– Katie

September 8, 2010

Meet A Scientologist – Nadia, the Make-Up Artist

August 4, 2010

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Headquarters in Haiti

The last decade has been one of the most turbulent in our history. Opposing ideologies, violent revolutions and a frail social economic structure have subjected more than one-third of the world’s population to oppression, poverty and brutal human rights violations. Terrorism and a global economic crisis rips at the very fabric of society, propagating a mindset governed by hysteria, fear and anxiety.

However, emotional stress doesn’t halt at the borders of war-ravaged nations. Right at home the epidemics multiply—from drug abuse, delinquency and broken homes, to illiteracy, unemployment and the stress attendant to these problems. Under these conditions, civic administrators and human services personnel bear a tremendous burden.

But there are answers—real ones that work—delivered by Volunteer Ministers whenever and wherever needed with remarkable results. These answers come from the greater body of Scientology technology by L. Ron Hubbard and are intended for people of all beliefs.

Over 200,000 strong and spanning every continent of Earth, Volunteer Ministers work directly with community leaders, officials, support personnel and citizens to bring order and real help no matter the situation.

The Volunteer Ministers also reach out with traveling Cavalcades, bringing their help into major cities and communities throughout the world. Visiting a new city each month, these Cavalcades contact thousands at a time.

Inside the familiar yellow tents, anyone can get one-on-one assistance to address whatever troubles they might be facing.

While beyond their daily work in addressing societal ills, the Volunteer Ministers are among the first to arrive when disaster strikes. Trained to respond to emergency situations, they provide whatever is needed to immediately alleviate suffering and bring order quickly. And because the technology they apply is simple and effective, they quickly train others so they too can provide help.

With their organizational skills and ability to bring order, as well as their effective help to victims and emergency personnel, thousands have joined their ranks and Volunteer Ministers have emerged as one of the largest independent relief forces on Earth.

They have also become a global force delivering effective solutions in disaster zones that don’t make the headlines: in homes and schoolrooms, businesses and neighborhoods. They are on call on a 24/7 international Volunteer Minister Hotline.

Anyone, of any belief, who wants to do something to improve conditions around them may become a Volunteer Minister by learning the simple techniques offered by the free courses on this site. Equipped with these solutions, a Volunteer Minister can help build a better world by restoring order, kindness and decency wherever needed.

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