Scientology And Me

October 11, 2007

Scientology “Basics” – what is it?

The Basics of Scientology and Dianetics are comprised 18 books and accompanying lectures on CD. Every Scientologist studies that as part of his/her basic training, hence “Basics”. These materials were re-issued recently. Here is what “old timers” have to say:

“The Basics really form the fundamental knowledge that comprise Dianetics and Scientology. I have been in Scientology since I was five and there is data in these books and lectures I have never heard of before. I though I knew what Scientology and Dianetics were, but I was really mistaken in that assumption. In doing the Basics it’s as if I’m on a journey with Ron, exploring new realms and finding out about areas Man never dreamed of before. Because of the consecutive study the data becomes one big concept and it is really easy to understand and makes sense because of its chronological sequence. If I hadn’t listened to the lectures, I’m certain I wouldn’t have gotten the full understanding I have of everything in the books. Because the lectures give all the data of importance that lead one from the last book to the next one. (And just because the books were written in close intervals, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of data in between, because there are!) They are my driver’s license to freedom. Everyone who wants to call themselves a Scientologist has to do these courses to really know what they are. – J.S.

I haven’t felt like this for years. I felt like I had twenty intensives. When I have a look at the Axioms they’re actually the thetan’s operating manual. They’re truths. The concept that anything that persists contains lies really hit home. I looked at a problem I had and why it resolved so quickly and it was when I as-ised the source of the problem – me. Now I understand why the problem was solved. The Phoenix Lectures also put this concept in perspective for me, where Ron explains the relationship of God and why cultures have a God and that blew charge. – M.C.

I always thought I was very good at communicating , but while studying one the Dianetics 55! Extension Course I cognited that I was not “in comm” but obsessively outflowing – annoying people no end. It’s not because I did not care about other people because I prefer listening to myself – quite the opposite. Factually, most of the time I have not just BEEN THERE, and let the circuits just “do the talking”. This resulted in people telling me “you always have to have the last word.” Dianetics 55! put me in comm without having to talk. I found my position in space. I found my own communication lines and I feel that I got in communication with people to whom I have not ACTUALLY spoken for a long time. I can JUST BE! – L.U.

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