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January 5, 2009

Scientology and medical care

There has been a misrepresentation of what Scientology doctrine is when it comes to illness or physical problems like epilepsy or seizures. The following are two answers from the Church of Scientology, defining the Church’s position on the subject.

What is Scientology’s position on medical care?

The Church of Scientology has always had the firm policy of not diagnosing or treating the sick. Scientology policy is adamant that no true spitirual progress can be expected if underlying medical conditions remain untreated. Medical doctors are trained to deal with the physical aspects of illness and injury. A Scientologist with a physical condition is always advised and supported to seek and obtain the needed examination and treatment of a qualified medical professional. Separately and once under medical treatment, a Scientologist then can address his illness or injury with Scientology counseling to handle any spiritual trauma or other factors connected with the physical condition which may have predisposed him to illness or injury. There are also many medical doctors who are Scientologists themselves.

What is the Scientology view on drugs?

Scientologists use medical drugs and prescription medication when physically ill and also rely on the advice and treatment of medical doctors. Scientologists do not take street drugs or mind altering psychiatric drugs of any kind.

Scientologists believe that psychotropic or street drugs damage a person physically, mentally and spiritually. They decrease awareness and hinder abilities. They are a “solution” to some other problem only to become a bigger problem.


December 27, 2008

Scientology: Discrimination must be abolished

Throughout the last decades, the Church of Scientology has taken numerous actions to promote the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  To this end, a series of public service announcements (PSAs) was created, each of which features a child envisioning the type of world he or she will grow up into. The PSAs promote the need to learn and apply the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Most recently a new human rights education film was released as well. More information about that on and

But the Church of Scientology Human Rights Department not only supports human rights education but also actively fights discrimination.

Check out this article about Scientology discrimination and the reactions of the international human rights community.

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