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November 12, 2008

Scientology members in Malmö create their new Church!

The Skanska Dagbladet reports today that the Church of Scientology in Malmo (“Scientologikyrkan i Malmö”) has bought a new building with more than 5,000 square meters space (53819 ft²). The sweetest part of all: it’s a former sugar company’s building, Danicos, and it’s production facility can be used as a huge event hall!

Here is nice picture of the place:

Skanska Dagbladet

Reminds me of that great Church in Berlin that was opened in 2007. If you happen to read Swedish, click here for the öriginäl article

I had heard about this place a while ago and I am happy that the Swedish Scientologists managed to get the building! The Church of Scientology has been recognized in Sweden as a religious organization in November 1999 and received permission to perform marriages shortly after. The first legally binding Scientology wedding was celebrated in May 2000. I found some old photos of that, here is a good one:

Swedish Scientology Wedding

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