Scientology And Me

September 10, 2010

Is it possible to live stress-free as a dancer?

I just browsed through the Scientology Video Channel and found the answer to a long time question I had that I couldn’t resolve, can it be possible to live stress free as a Dancer?

I thought there was no way that I could complete my career as a dancer. I started ballet when I was young but didn’t make it. I thought I was working hard and had the technique. However, no success. I envied those who made and wondered what was different. Discipline? No, I had this. Technique? No, I consider I had a good teacher. Creative? No, I consider myself very creative. So what was it? Why did I not make it? Those who are serious dancers in all genre, know what I am talking about. There was stress! But how do I deal with this.

Well the video above I watched on the Scientology Video Channel, was of a young dancer – Sophii, from Sussex, England. She started when she was three and now is 19 years and is stress free. I was impressed to listen what she had to say. She definitely found the solution. Had I known this before, I am sure I would have succeeded as she has!

– Katie

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