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August 4, 2010

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Headquarters in Haiti

The last decade has been one of the most turbulent in our history. Opposing ideologies, violent revolutions and a frail social economic structure have subjected more than one-third of the world’s population to oppression, poverty and brutal human rights violations. Terrorism and a global economic crisis rips at the very fabric of society, propagating a mindset governed by hysteria, fear and anxiety.

However, emotional stress doesn’t halt at the borders of war-ravaged nations. Right at home the epidemics multiply—from drug abuse, delinquency and broken homes, to illiteracy, unemployment and the stress attendant to these problems. Under these conditions, civic administrators and human services personnel bear a tremendous burden.

But there are answers—real ones that work—delivered by Volunteer Ministers whenever and wherever needed with remarkable results. These answers come from the greater body of Scientology technology by L. Ron Hubbard and are intended for people of all beliefs.

Over 200,000 strong and spanning every continent of Earth, Volunteer Ministers work directly with community leaders, officials, support personnel and citizens to bring order and real help no matter the situation.

The Volunteer Ministers also reach out with traveling Cavalcades, bringing their help into major cities and communities throughout the world. Visiting a new city each month, these Cavalcades contact thousands at a time.

Inside the familiar yellow tents, anyone can get one-on-one assistance to address whatever troubles they might be facing.

While beyond their daily work in addressing societal ills, the Volunteer Ministers are among the first to arrive when disaster strikes. Trained to respond to emergency situations, they provide whatever is needed to immediately alleviate suffering and bring order quickly. And because the technology they apply is simple and effective, they quickly train others so they too can provide help.

With their organizational skills and ability to bring order, as well as their effective help to victims and emergency personnel, thousands have joined their ranks and Volunteer Ministers have emerged as one of the largest independent relief forces on Earth.

They have also become a global force delivering effective solutions in disaster zones that don’t make the headlines: in homes and schoolrooms, businesses and neighborhoods. They are on call on a 24/7 international Volunteer Minister Hotline.

Anyone, of any belief, who wants to do something to improve conditions around them may become a Volunteer Minister by learning the simple techniques offered by the free courses on this site. Equipped with these solutions, a Volunteer Minister can help build a better world by restoring order, kindness and decency wherever needed.

July 31, 2010

Church of Scientology Dedicates New Building for the Pacific Northwest

Sixteen hundred Scientologists and their guests packed the street in front of 300 West Harrison in Seattle today for the opening of the new Church of Scientology of Washington, a milestone for the congregation formed 54 years ago.

Duwamish Tribal Chairman Cecile Hansen, a descendant of Chief Seattle after whom the city was named, opened the event with a centuries-old ceremony, welcoming the Church to its new home.

Church of Scientology Washington State Grand Opening

Church of Scientology Washington State Grand Opening

Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center and ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion, officiated, acknowledging the Scientologists who spearheaded the drive to build the new Church.  Stressing the significance of the occasion, Mr. Miscavige said:

“Just this year alone, we have opened six new Ideal Churches on three continents.  While in months to come you’ll see ribbons parting as far away as Tel Aviv, Melbourne and Moscow, and as close to home as Twin Cities, Sacramento and Portland—to cite but a few of the more than 60 new Churches now looming on the near horizon.

“So, yes, you are part of a movement that qualifies as ‘history in the making.’  Moreover, it is a movement that is all-embracive, all-inclusive and all about ensuring no one falls between the cracks.  Because when you possess a technology capable of restoring the infinite goodness in every human being, then every life becomes immeasurably precious.”

Acknowledging the Church for its many contributions to the community were Washington State Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders, Washington State Representative Marilyn Chase, Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce President Dave Peterson, Seattle Neighborhood District Coordinator Christa Dumpys, and FEMA volunteer liaison Jo Ann Oram.

Justice Sanders spoke of working with the Church in the field of human rights, a partnership spanning nearly 35 years:  “There is nothing more important in life than being true to yourself and standing up for what you believe. That is freedom, and that is what makes life worth living. And that, to me, is what you represent. … The Church of Scientology is truly a leader when it comes to fighting for the civil rights of those subject to abuse by the so-called mental health laws and those that enforce them.  And I respect your struggle to abolish coercive practices in the field of mental health and to restore human dignity and freedom to all people. I am proud of our accomplishments over the years, and I am especially proud for your significant accomplishment of opening this beautiful new Church.”

President of the Greater Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce, Dave Peterson, gave these words in acknowledgment of the Church’s history of service to its community: “Your Church of Scientology has never failed to step up….  Together, we have a proud tradition in Seattle, one in which the Church of Scientology can rightfully claim its due reward…  I am also proud to say that the Chamber and the Church have co-sponsored many projects for the benefit of the greater community.  And in every case, you never just stand by and think about improvements.  You do them. We at the Chamber know we can always turn to the Church of Scientology – and you will never let us down.”

Long active as volunteers in community betterment initiatives, just last April local Scientologists received the Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce Community Service Award.  Seattle-area Scientologists serve in the Washington Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) and as certified associate chaplains of the Seattle Police Department’s Community Chaplaincy Program.  The Scientology Environmental Task Force, partnering with the Seattle Parks & Recreation Department, Department of Neighborhoods and Seattle Public Utilities to Keep Seattle Beautiful, sponsors the oldest Adopt-A-Street program in the city.  Scientologists have also volunteered with Food Lifeline since 2002 and, since 1993, the Church’s community drug education program has helped thousands of Seattle young people steer clear of substance abuse.

The State of Washington holds a significant place in the life of Scientology Founder  L. Ron Hubbard. In 1923, he joined Tacoma Troop 31 Black Eagle Patrol and the following year, at 13, became the youngest Eagle Scout in America. In 1926, he spent his sophomore year at Seattle’s Queen Anne High School on Galer Street, before embarking on the first of several voyages to a then rarely visited Asia.

During the 1930s, in his Port Orchard writer’s retreat overlooking Puget Sound, Mr. Hubbard authored several acclaimed stories and novels for what is remembered today as the Great American Pulp Fiction Movement. It was also in Port Orchard that he scripted the Warner Brothers classic Dive Bomber.

It was also from Seattle where Mr. Hubbard set sail on the famed “Alaskan Radio Experimental Expedition” to field-test a then novel system on which all future radio navigation was based.

Most importantly, it was in neighboring Port Orchard, in 1938, that Mr. Hubbard authored what is remembered as the philosophic foundation of Dianetics and Scientology. A now legendary work entitled “Excalibur, ” here was the first examination of key universal principles common to all life forms and underlying all behavior.

The new Church of Scientology of Washington is located just blocks from Seattle Center and the Space Needle.  The ground floor features an extensive Public Information Center with 17 multimedia displays that present and illustrate Scientology beliefs, the life and legacy of L. Ron Hubbard and the full array of social betterment and community outreach programs.  These interactive displays provide a concise but panoramic view of the religion to visitors, students and others desiring to learn more about Scientology.  

To even better serve the community, the Church has further established the Scientology Life Improvement Center adjacent to the century-old Pike Place Market Historic District, the “Soul of Seattle.” This center provides Scientology introductory courses.


The Church of Scientology of Washington State is the seventh new Scientology Church to open in 2010.  The Brussels branch of Churches of Scientology for Europe opened on January 23; the Church of Scientology of Quebec opened on January 30; the Church of Scientology & Celebrity Centre Las Vegas opened February 6; the Church of Scientology of Los Angeles opened April 24; a new National Scientology Church opened in Mexico City July 10; and the new Church of Scientology of Pasadena opened July 18

Last year (2009), new Churches of Scientology opened in Washington, DC; Rome, Italy; Nashville, Tennessee; Dallas, Texas; and Malmö, Sweden.  These join a roster of new Churches of Scientology recently opened in world cultural centers, including the Church of Scientology of San Francisco, in the original historic Transamerica Building; the Church of Scientology of New York, just off Times Square; the National Church of Scientology of Spain, in Madrid’s Neighborhood of Letters; the Church of Scientology of London, at the city’s epicenter; and the Church of Scientology of Berlin, near the Brandenburg Gate.

Another five new Churches of Scientology are scheduled for completion before the end of 2010.  Worldwide, there are more than 8,500 Scientology Churches, Missions and affiliated groups in 165 countries.

May 10, 2010

Scientology Churches Celebrate Dianetics 60th Anniversary

Churches of Scientology around the world celebrate the original release of the religion’s first book this weekend.  Published May 9, 1950, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health became an overnight success and has been a continuing bestseller for 60 years.  The work is the anatomy and full description of a portion of the mind that is the source of nightmares, unreasonable fears, upsets and insecurities.  More than 20 million copies have been sold.

Based on author L. Ron Hubbard’s researches into the mind and human behavior prior to 1950, its release brought on the spontaneous formation of 750 Dianetics groups around the U.S. and establishment of the Hubbard Dianetics Foundation in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  Mr. Hubbard lectured, instructed and otherwise met a staggering demand, while continuing research into the fundamental nature of man culminating in the founding of the Scientology religion in 1952.

Today, Dianetics remains a key substudy of the greater body of Scientology Scripture, its perennial popularity sustained by its workability.  Before Dianetics, prevailing scientific thought held that Man’s mind was his brain, nothing more than a collection of cells and neurons, and IQ and personality were considered fixed and unchanging. With Dianetics, IQ and personality improved, its effectiveness documented in a multitude of case histories over more than half a century of application.

In 2009, Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center, announced the completion of translation in 50 languages of Dianetics and seven other basic Scientology books.  Mr. Miscavige also released 32 new films of visual instruction in Dianetics procedures on DVD, part of a special Hubbard Dianetics Seminar now offered at Churches of Scientology, which include turnabout application of Dianetics procedure.

Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health is published by Bridge Publications and is available in 125,000 libraries in over 180 countries as well as public bookstores and Churches of Scientology.  Dianetics Anniversary celebrations are open to the public.

May 7, 2010

Scientology Official Calls for Government-Community Cooperation to Attack Drug Abuse

A Scientology community relations specialist, citing a recent address by the U.S. Drug Control Policy Director, says government and private sector cooperation against drug trafficking and drug abuse is essential and warns that profit-making interests will attempt to impede both.

…by involving everyone and bringing on all solutions, starting with education. No single group or government can do it alone, but together we can rid our communities of drugs in a single generation.

Los Angeles (Vocus/PRWEB ) May 6, 2010 — Speaking to a coalition of anti-drug activists Tuesday night at the new Church of Scientology of Los Angeles in Hollywood, the Reverend Robert Adams pointed to establishment of the Interagency Working Group on Demand Reduction established by the White House Office of Drug Control Policy (the “Drug Czar”) as a positive step, and called for similar interaction at regional, state and local level.

Reverend Bob Adams (left) discusses drug education strategies with community leaders.
Reverend Bob Adams (left) discusses drug education strategies with community leaders.

A spokesperson for Church of Scientology International, Rev. Adams said that despite billions poured into “the drug problem” by governments, meaningful demand reduction will only come about “by involving everyone and bringing on all solutions, starting with education. No single group or government can do it alone, but together we can rid our communities of drugs in a single generation.”

He reminded the audience that “Drug proliferation is all about money and exploiting people who have false information or no information about drugs. So the first step is to broadly distribute the truth about drugs, to empower individuals with the knowledge of what drugs really are and what they really do to the body, mind and spirit.”

Adams said, “It is exactly at that point that ‘demand reduction’ kicks in — when individuals decide for themselves that drug use is not for them.”

The Church of Scientology has conducted community-based drug education programs for more than 20 years, reaching millions with factual information about drugs internationally through distribution of “The Truth About Drugs” booklet series, drug awareness events, media, Internet sites, mailings, billboards and award winning educational videos and films.

January 12, 2010

Scientology Tax-Exempt in Spain

Madrid, Spain—The Spanish Tax Agency has recognized the Church of Scientology of Spain as a social non-profit organization, granting a certificate of recognition in Madrid on November 30, 2009.

Since the founding of the first Church of Scientology in 1954, Scientologists have been actively involved in the improvement of their communities and society and have received thousands of awards and commendations for their work in communities all over the world.  Scientologists sponsor a large, effective drug abuse public education campaign and have been conducting anti-drug activities since the early 1980s.  The Church also sponsors an international human rights awareness campaign in coordination with United for Human Rights and Youth for Human Rights International.  This campaign features guidebooks for children and adults, illustrating the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Church’s most embracive effort to provide help to the world at large is its Volunteer Minister Program, with more than 203,000 volunteers trained internationally.  The value of these services has been recognized by politicians, police, the military, other relief agencies and civic authorities.

Church members support and contribute to the Red Cross, children’s hospitals and numerous other community groups around the world.  This support ranges from broad participation in drug-free blood drives, to citywide collection of holiday toys for needy children, to donations of food and clothing for underprivileged families.

Ivan Arjona, the Public Affairs director for the Madrid Church stated the Tax Agency recognition will assist the Church in furthering humanitarian programs throughout Spain.

November 14, 2009

Youth Leader Invites Scientology Volunteer Ministers to Train Kenya Scouts

Elly Rajab Omondi, 22, of Nairobi, Kenya, founder and director of Baden Powell Peer Educators, forged a partnership between the Scouts of Kenya and the Scientology Volunteer Ministers this fall.  Omondi’s group, composed of Scout leaders and other young people, grapple with the most critical issues facing his country and Africa as a whole:  how to combat drug abuse and HIV/AIDS and how to resolve conflicts before they escalate into insurgency and war.

Earlier this year, Omondi found the Scientology Volunteer Ministers web site and the online courses offered there.  The skills he gained convinced him that the Scouts needed these same skills to help them accomplish their purpose and make a real difference in their country.

Omondi described the three online courses he took—”Answers to Drugs,” “Communication” and “How to Resolve Conflicts”—as “greatly beneficial,” saying, “My life has changed.”  Omandi formed a group and has trained the members on the three courses.  “We were in the darkness and now we know the light in problems such as communication, answers to drugs and conflict resolution.”

When he found out that an experienced Scientology Volunteer Minister was flying to Kenya to provide seminars, he arranged to have several training sessions for a group of Scouts and these were all held in September 2009. The Scouts’ seminars covered technology developed by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard on Communication, the Basics of Organization and Scientology Assists—spiritual first aid that helps the individual improve communication with his or her own environment, thus helping overcome trauma and stress and speed recovery from illnesses and injuries.

Elly has invited the Scientology Volunteer Ministers back to Kenya to hold a second round of seminars before the end of the year.  He is also establishing a Scientology Volunteer Ministers resource center for which he needs a few dozen computers.  At this center young men and women from the slums of Kibera in Nairobi, and Scouts who come to the city from around the country to attend National Scouts Camp, will be able to log onto the Internet and take online Volunteer Ministers training.

“Scouts and the Volunteer Ministers share a lot in common,” said Omandi. “We are assisting youth to be more able and creating sanity in this generation.  Most people have lost hope. But we believe something can be done about it!”

For information on how to donate old computers or laptops to Omondi’s Volunteer Ministers resource center or to arrange seminars for your group or organization, contact the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Coordinator at or visit the web site at

October 24, 2009

Scientology members in Society

What do Scientologists do for society?
Since the founding of the first Church of Scientology in 1954, Scientologists have been actively involved in the improvement of their communities and society.

The Scientology Church has received thousands of awards and commendations for its work in communities all over the world. Many of these awards have come from city and county authorities; others from individuals and groups who appreciated a helping hand. Awards are always valued, but they are incidental to the intention and the deed they symbolize. Scientologists help because as they grow spiritually as individuals, it is natural to expand their responsibility and turn outward to help others.

Church members are active in anti-drug educational campaigns in countries throughout the world and have given drug abuse education lectures to more than 500,000 people. Scientologists in Germany, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Italy and the United Kingdom also lead success popular “Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life” campaigns.

Top athletes, including Philips, Italy’s most famous volleyball team, and the legendary Spanish football team Real Madrid, have given their support to this campaign by signing the “Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life” Honor Roll. Scientologists in Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain and other European countries have organized concerts, marches and other events to promote the Church’s anti-drug message and have reached hundreds of thousands.

November 5, 2008

Scientology Volunteer Ministers India Goodwill Tour

Nearly four years since the Indian Ocean tsunami crashed onto the shore of southeastern India, work continues to rebuild the region itself and the lives of those who survived. Key players in this phase of recovery are the Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

Within days of the tsunami, Scientology Volunteer Ministers arrived in the region from all over the world to work with the search and rescue personnel and provide help to those who lost loved ones, homes and property. And when others returned home, a group of French Scientologists stayed on and made Pondicherry their new home and the full recovery of the region their mission.

Towns and cities have emerged from the initial devastation, which, according to the Government of India, amounted to some $2.56 billion. Having completed the initial recovery phase, concentration has now moved on to “development”, and “Disaster Risk Reduction” (DDR) has become the primary concentration of aid to the area. High on the list of DDR priorities is establishing community-based programs that prepare local residents on how to survive in times of calamity.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers India Goodwill Tour arrived in Pondicherry in August to certify members of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers group and provide disaster preparedness training based on the Scientology Handbook. The members of this tour, who are experts in this technology, have already trained police, fire departments, health care and relief workers and volunteers throughout India.

The defining characteristic of a disaster is disorganization and chaos, and the Scientology Volunteer Ministers courses on the basics of organizing and communication enable people to quickly set up new communication systems and infrastructure. They become skilled at restoring calm and getting people operating as a team to overcome the immediate threat from the environment.

Once the initial panic of a disaster is over, those trained in this program can confidently take on the next order of business—the survivors themselves. They learn how to speed up recovery from injury. This unburdens otherwise overloaded medical resources who need to concentrate on life-threatening injuries. Those trained in Scientology Disaster Relief can also bring survivors through loss and trauma so they can get on with their lives, care for their families and participate in the relief effort themselves.

What enables them to do this is the “Scientology Assist“. Developed by L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion, assists address the emotional and spiritual side of trauma, enabling the person to recover fully from injury, stress or shock.

For more information on the program, disaster response training and Goodwill Tours, visit the Scientology Volunteer Ministers web site.

October 20, 2008

Document of the Day: L. Ron Hubbard, Writer in “The Pilot”, 1934

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More about L. Ron Hubbard on his website.

October 18, 2008

Document of the Day: L. Ron Hubbard wins Woodward Oratory Contest, 1930

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More about L. Ron Hubbard on his website.

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